Lanair waste-oil furnace O-ring deluxe kit with Diaphram, Quad Ring and Viton Insert
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  • Item #: LAN-O-KIT-DLX

This is a deluxe o-ring kit for Lanair burners.  It is compatible with all of the MX series burners.  You will need these to rebuild/tune up the Air and Oil blocks and more.  See the parts lists below:

Oil Block Rebuild: (2) 9815 O-Ring 5/16" OD /oil block adapters, (4) 9804 O-Ring 1" OD Heater Block, (1) 9803 O-Ring 1/2" OD betweeen oil and air block

Air Block Rebuild: (1) 9726 O-Ring 1/2" Back of diaphragm holder, (1) 9725 O-Ring 11/16" between air block and diaphragm block, (1) 9524 O-Ring 1/4" between air block and diaphragm block

Additional: (1) 9870-Q Quad Ring for nozzle, (1) 9871-D Diaphragm for Air Preheater (1) 9870-V Viton Insert (1) 9523 Quad Ring, Adapter Block

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