Clean Burn, CB 90 HS, BH, C or D service maintenance kit includes; electrodes, nozzle, regulator rebuild kit, nucleus solenoid plungers and o-Rings.
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  • Item #: CB-70159a 70159

This service / tune up kit is compatible with the CB 90 BH, CB 90 C, CB 90 D, CB 85 C and CB 85 D furnaces.  It includes the following items:

  • Pair of HS Electrodes
  • Nozzle 9-8 or larger
  • 2 Solenoid Nucleus and spring
  • 2 Solenoid O-rings
  • Air Bowl O-ring, for Air Regulator
  • Air Bowl Filter, for Air Regulator
  • Diaphragm, for Oil Regulator
  • Spring, for Oil Regulator Seat
  • Gasket Ring, for Oil Regulator
  • Seat, for Oil Regulator
  • Stem Guide, for Oil Regulator
  • Guide Seal, for Oil Regulator
  • O-ring for Nozzle Adapter

These are the common wear parts needed to tune up your furnace annually.

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Price $128.95